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For each of our client partners, we assemble a custom coalition of people whose experience, specialties and public relations expertise can best fulfill their agenda. It’s about giving you access to the right people at the right time who can also move at the right speed. Some times your team might be big. Sometimes it might be small. But it will always be built specifically for your needs.



Public Relations Experts
Specialized Lawyers
Trade Remedies Experts
Food Scientists
Legislative Drafters
Ethical Sourcing Experts

Professional Writers
Legal & Lobbying Experts
Stakeholder Engagement Experts
Tax Experts
Media Experts
Computer Scientists
Quantitative Analytics
Think Tanks

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Jessica Wasserman


Jessica Wasserman is a government relations expert and attorney with experience in politics, government and law. Her sophisticated understanding of the Washington policy making ecosystem and the key players at relevant government and international organizations allows her to help you cut to the chase.

Ms. Wasserman has held senior positions in the Executive Branch in international economic and trade policy positions at the Departments of Commerce, and Agriculture.

Ms. Wasserman has been the owner and managing principal of Wasserman & Associates for more than 10 years. Previously she was a partner at a major Washington DC law firm. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School.


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